Premium Towing Services in Nampa ID

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We have a secure impound facility to ensure your vehicle and its contents are safe should your vehicle be towed resulting an emergency call or impounded for any reason. We maintain an open office Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding holidays) should the unfortunate happen and your vehicle is at our facility. This allows for your insurance adjustor to assess your vehicle conveniently and keeps your claim process moving faster. This also allows for you to pick up your personal property and/or vehicle without long delays waiting for someone to meet you, simply come on in!
We work closely with our local law enforcement to ensure all laws and regulations are followed anytime we tow a vehicle. Currently, we hold the Abandoned Vehicles Contract for the Nampa Police Department in addition to towing all of the City of Nampa's vehicles and Nampa Police's vehicles since 2008. This contract has only been maintained due to our outstanding reputation of quality and consistent service.

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Few towing contractors offer a complete towing and roadside assistance the way we do. We provide a comprehensive service from the moment you call us until we tow your car. Dial (208) 461-8696 for more details. We look forward to serving you.